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Implants - “What to Expect from an Endosteal Implant”

  • Placement of endosteal implants do not usually create a great deal of pain. Begin with Advil or Mortin first
  • Sensitivity to cold on the natural teeth can occur and will disappear gradually with time
  • Swelling is to be expected
  • Increase Vitamin C intake to 1000-2000 mg per day to aid healing
  • Do not apply pressure to the implant with your tongue or fingers
  • Do not eat sticky or hard foods 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Do eat healthy. Proper nutrition will aid healing
  • Continue proper oral hygiene 
  • Avoid smoking because nicotine can decrease the body’s ability to heal around the implant 

When to call us: Bleeding has not decreased after three days. Numbness persists after initial day of surgery. A temporary becomes loose or fractures. Pain increases after several days. The implant becomes loose. 


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